• Taxation of S-Corporations and C-Corporations (1120S & 1120)
  • Handling of all states and multi state business tax returns
  • Businesses Taxed as Corporations
  • Income Deductions and Special Provisions
  • Shareholder and Nonshareholder CompensationShareholder
  • Earning and Profits (E&P)
  • Distribution and Recognition Requirements
  • Special Deductions
Partnerships and LLCs:
  • Taxation of Partnership Returns (Form 1065)
  • Handling of all states and multi state partnership/LLC tax returns
  • Limitations and Losses, Deductions and Credits
  • Unrealized Receivables and inventory
  • Shareholder and Nonshareholder Compensation
  • Partnership Distributions to Partners
  • Transactions between Partnership and partners
  • Basis in partnership
  • Disposition of Partner's Interest


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